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Welcome to the New World

Shortfilm 2018

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Sunnika Films

Running time
11 Min.

Drama, Sci-Fi, Doc-Fiction

Festival Screenings

“An incredibly intensive, explosive, highly political and likewise important film. Amzingly staged and with an excellent camera.”
– Adrian Kutter

Director, Book, Editing, Production & Set Management | Anni Sultany

Director, Book, Editing, Director of Photography | Jerry Suen

Composition, Sounddesign, Audio Mix | Timo Klemm

Compositing | Hubert Davidé, Karol Jaszkiewicz

Cast | Anni Sultany, Sven Schmidke, Ronja Sultany, Alain Charlemoine

Staged during the actual events of the G20 summit 2017 in Hamburg, Germany, Lenina is led in documentary way through a fictional dystopian world that highlights the possible long-term effects of todays’s decisions and politics. In an enduring state of emergency repression gains the upper hand and society increasingly loses trust in the elite and she has to decide where she stands. An interweaving of reality and fiction. A bridge building between today and tomorrow: contentual and film stylistic.

May 14th - 19th 2018Cannes, FranceCannes Court Métrage 2018no public screening
July 8th 2018Hamburg, Germany | Rote Flora
Millerntor Stadion, St. Pauli Sommerkino
Festival der grenzenlosen SolidaritätPremiere | non competitive festival
July 22nd 2018Dorset, U.K. | Vintage Mobile CinemaTolpuddle Radical Film FestivalWinner | Audience Award (fiction)
August 3rd - 4th 2018Italy, Palmi, Tropea, Gerace
Canada, Toronto
Kroatia, Zagreb
Social Machinery Film FestivalWinner | Best Citizen Activism
August 8th 2018Belfast, U.K. | Culturlann McAdam Ó FiaichRespect Human Rights Film FestivalOfficial Selection
September 7th - 9th 2018Lisbon, PortugalAnarchy Film FestivalWinner | Engaging Filmmaker Award
September 9th 2018Heide, Germany | LichtBlick FilmtheaterKUNSTGRIFF ROLLEWinner | 3rd Place - Audience Award
October 7th 2018North Carolina, USATryon International Film FestivalOfficial Selection
October 10th - 14th 2018Woodstock, NY, USAWoodstock Film FestivalOfficial Selection
October 13th - 14th 2018Bristol, U.K.Bristol Radical Film FestivalWinner
October 17th - 21st 2018Germany, OsnabrückUnabhängiges FilmFest OsnabrückOfficial Selection
October 2018Canada, TorontoCulture Daysvia Social Machinery Film Festival
October 30th - November 4th 2018Germany, Biberach40th Biberacher FilmfestspieleOfficial Selection
October 30th - November 4th 2018Germany, Lübeck60th Nordische Filmtage LübeckOfficial Selection
November 1st - 11th 2018Los Angeles, USAPembroke Taparelli Arts and Film FestivalOfficial Selection
November 6th - 11th 2018Italy, AostaFRONTDOCOfficial Selection
November 20th - 21st 2018Croatia, ZagrebFilmfestival Daysvia Social Machinery Film Festival
December 5th - 10th 2018Jordan, AmmanKarama Human Rights Film FestivalOfficial Selection
December 14th - 21st 2018Turkey, Istanbul29th Istanbul International Short Film FestivalOfficial Selection
April 3rd - 7th 2019Germany, KarlsruheIndependent Days | Internationale Filmfestspiele KarlsruheOfficial Selection
April 25th - 28th 2019Portugal, Lisbon, Braga, ÉvoraFestival PolíticaOfficial Selection
May 2nd - 5th 2019France, LyonOn Vous Ment - Festival DocumenteurOfficial Selection
June 22nd - 30th 2019Thailand, BangkokInternational Festival - Signes de NuitOfficial Selection | Goethe Institut Bangkok
September 4th - 9th 2019MyanmarWathann FilmfestOfficial Selection | Goethe Institut
September 20th - 22nd 2019USA, Pittsburgh, PAInternational Freethought FilmfestivalOfficial Selection
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